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Kindness is a kingdom

Generous and fair

But strange are the people

You find living there. One man is a surgeon

With a heart like steel

Plunging a knife coldly

In those he would heal.

And then there are fathers

Who seem so severe

Meeting out discipline

To those they hold dear.

Others seem as jailors

Keeping patients confined

Safe from the anguish

Of a self-harming mind.

One lady's a gardener

With sharp secateurs

Pruning harshly to reap

The fruit that is hers.

Some women are mothers

Who stand idly by

Allowing their young ones

To grow as they try.

Strange are these people who

Knowingly hurt us

But deep inside is a

Wise, loving purpose.

A wisdom that knows

Though love is the rule

Strangely, sometimes, it's

Kind to be cruel. Just like our Father

In heaven above

Who sends fiery trials

Packaged with love.

by Claire Pegg


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