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The Lord Sent Them To My Door

I was baptised when l was a baby , went to Sunday school, sat scripture exams and joined the Girls Life Brigade. So l believed l was a Christian.

I met Michael and 2yrs later we got married. We then moved to South Africa and raised a family of four children. Whilst living there we rented the manse for many years to help maintain the upkeep of the small church and grave yard, because Rev. Saville had to minister to three different churches.

Years later, we decided to move to England where two of our children already lived. My eldest daughter was married with two children and she stayed in South Africa.

We got work here in England and rented a house. The first shock was the prejudice we suffered for being "foreigners"; weeks of eggs being thrown at our windows; we coped with it. Our youngest son was with us and still of school age. So we paid for his college fees, he sat his A-levels and got into university.

Then my husband Michael was diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live. My son had just gone into second year university. With chemotherapy and by the Grace of God Michael managed to live for nine months. I went into a cocoon to protect myself, l went to work and dedicated myself to my children.

After years l realised l needed more. I felt l was committing a sin by not going to church, not reading my Bible and very little prayer.

One day there was a knock at my door. It was Huw and Grace. From the moment we started talking l believed the Lord had sent them to my door and on the leaflet that they had given me, l saw "Coffee Morning " written down. I came to Arnold Road and Olive took me under her wing. I did every bible study that Huw could teach me. At Tammy's Baptism l cried with joy and l now knew l had been saved; being one with the Holy Spirit; knowing he would never abandon me; l had been saved by Christ's Grace!

I asked to be baptised, l was ready to be part of the church, the Body of Christ, and to be a member of the Arnold Road Evangelical.

When l did my Bible studies l gained more knowledge of God's true purpose, l learned more about Jesus Christ,

l began to believe in him, trust him and love him. I spent more and more time talking to him in prayer and reading my Bible. He is my saviour. he died on the cross for my sins and l will obey him with every part of my life.

Jackie Whitworth


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