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From before the foundation of the world

You knew me

You knew the state I was in

You saw the mess in my soul

You saw the mess in my body

And your heart broke

To see all the loveliness, you had planned

Laid waste in sin and death

Deeply moved, and heart aching

You set out to find me

You gathered me to Your breast

Bearing all the prickles and stings of my sin

In Your body on the Tree

I struggled in Your arms

But You held me fast

I wounded You

And yet You healed me

I brought You sorrow

But You gave me joy

And now together, we rejoice

For the Day is coming

When all will be gloriously made new

All creation will be released from its groaning

All who love You will be made whole

And together we will sing for joy

In the compassion of our God.

Claire Pegg

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